These are the teachers I use and others who have asked to be listed on this site.

David Ross

David Ross Piano Studio is a premier facility offering piano lessons to Denver area students of all ages and ability levels. David is a great choice if you live in the Denver area.

Ron Drotos

Keyboard Improv
E.S.P. (from The Jazz Pianist's Ultimate Guide To The Real Book ...

KeyboardImprov is a new way to learn piano; combining the best of online learning with the personal instruction that only an expert, caring piano teacher can provide. If you’re new to improv, I’ll get you improvising in just a few days, and if you’re at the intermediate level, we’ll dive deep into your favorite style of music, whether it’s jazz, blues, rock, pop or even classical improv. Best of all, you’ll start to enjoy your piano playing like never before, and feel good about the music you play.