Recording my playing and singing

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Recording my playing and singing

Post by steveC »

Hi everyone.

First a big thank you to Al for starting the forum. It's a great idea, thank you very much for doing it.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience of recording themselves playing on an acoustic piano. This is something I would like to do but have no idea how to go about it. (I once had a digital piano, it was so easy: one press of a button! I have an acoustic piano now, a much better piano but no built in recording system.) Ideally I would have a set up of kit and software that would enable me to record just playing the piano and also singing and accompanying myself on the piano. Even better would be a set up that supported changing the balance of bass, treble and voice after the recording was made.

Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated. I live in the UK and it might be that all the kit you know about is US made and marketed but hopefully I will be able to find similar things here so it will all be useful.

Anyway, all the best to Al and all the other musicians on the site.

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Re: Recording my playing and singing

Post by jiuer7845 »

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Post by Sidneycok »

Well as a logic user, I know I can tick the R button on any channel and have a recording done on that channel while playing the other stuff. Now the other option is to plug an extra device on any available output and record using that.

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Post by Ronaldhog »

Hi Forum quick question if I may.

If my wife deploys a recording device that captures some sort of evidence without my consent can this evidence be used in court?


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Post by Harrythawn »

I recently bought a yamaha Cp5. I want to load and play a wav file for backgroundmusic. The file gets loaded, but i do not know how the file starts playing? Any thoughts?


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Re: Recording my playing and singing

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